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Paints’ Journal


Well, howdy! My name’s Paints. I’m a male yellow puffle who loves to pull pranks and watch ESPN. Sadly, ever since I was adopted, there has been no tv in Shred’s igloo. Well, there also wasn’t a girl in the igloo. But let me explain. I was Shred’s second puffle. Originally, it was Flamer, but Flames moved out, so I’m not Flamer’s younger brother! You see, Flames has went to stay with Aunt Arctic’s newest puffle, Sunshine (I think he likes her!) and while he moved, Shred became a member. Shred quickly went to the Pet Shop and adopted a yellow puffle to have. Me and my brother, Flamer were having a ball! Shred gave us food, and houses, and even a new brother! He’s a black puffle named Caged (he would have a journal to, but he doesn’t like to write). It was so fun! But then… she came along. She is my sister, Charm. Shred adopted her one day. She seemed very shy, and just stayed in her puffle home all day for awhile. Finally, she came over to play with us. Flamer and Caged didn’t mind, but I didn’t want to play with some stupid girl. I told her to go away, but she didn’t. Well, now we hate each other, but I hear that’s normal for a brother and sister. Well, anyway, I really need a tv to watch! I need to get Shred to buy a tv! Help me! I’ll start a petition! We’ll all help get a tv for me! Yeah!


Well, since there was only a few signatures on the petition, I took matters into my own hands. I went and played Cart Surfer this morning. I hopped aboard when some penguin was going on, and hid in the back seat. When it came time for him to collect his coins, I jumped in front of him and took them. He was yelling things like “Stupid puffle!” and “Why I ought -” But I made away with it. I just kept doing it all night and day, until, finally, I had enough to but a tv. I quickly his the coins with Shred, so he wouldn’t ask how I earned 5,000 coins. But, he didn’t buy a tv.I was just itching to tell him “Buy a tv!”. But I didn’t. Finally, the doorbell rang. Shred went to open it, and a police officer came in. He said there had been a disturbance in the Mine, and people had been robed. He asked Shred if he heard of anything. Shred said no. I felt nervous. Shred would get in trouble for stealing the coins! And worst of all, I wouldn’t get the tv! So, I asked Charm to distract the officer and Shred so I could get coins back. Charm said no, but then I told her I would buy her a princess throne, and she agreed. She did this nose balancing trick (it’s kinda dumb, but penguins love it) and the officer and Shred went over to admire it in awe. I quickly took the 5,000 coins out of Shred’s wallet, and hid it in my puffle house. Well, the officer left, and life went back to normal. Until when Shred came to say good night, and saw the 5,000 coins. He finally realized I stole the money ,and he took it away from me, saying he would give it to the penguins who deserve it. Well, foiled again. Now, I am in the watch of a police officer (not really, but he’ll keep an eye out looking for me), owe Charm a princess throne (I probably won’t get it for her) and still have no tv! Well, I guess that’s it. Keep on signing!


Well, I’m sitting here, curious. First off, Shred’s running some errands, so I’m here at the PC posting. I hope he’s getting a tv. He said “it will make us all happy.” I know alot of us want a tv, so I’m hoping! Second, I did repay Charm. I gave her some money that I was saving to buy a new puffle bed, and she went out and bought a princess chair. She took a picture, so check that out. Third, I’m hearing some strange sounds coming from the basement. I heard Charm’s heard it before, but I never believed her. Well, I’m going to go down and check it. Later. But, I wonder what it could be. It sounds like a “wraughha-raddahu-uhhhng“, so I’m clueless. I bet it’s just the heater messing up again. Now, I’m kinda getting worried about Charm’s dirt on me. What is it? Hmmm…… I don’t have a crush on anyone… I don’t wet my bed… And now I need dirt on her! I was just talking, trying to make her scared. But she’s serious with it! I guess it’s time to break out the Paints Cam and spy on her. Well, I think Shred’s home, so I’m going to go look at my new tv! See ya!


Well, I’m angry. Yesterday, Shred went out and bought something. It was a baby sister puffle for us. She’s ok, as long as she doesn’t get in the way, but now she’s borrowing my puffle house until she gets her own, which could take a week or two. Why would Shred purposely ruin my life? Wait…… she’s coming around right now. She’s trying to type. No Freezy! No typing on the computer! Pa Pa Pa! Freezy, no typing! Pai Pai Pai… Freezy, what are you doing? She’s just looking really hard, kinda like focusing. Pai Pai Pai… Well, forget her. I finally went down to the basement and found the cause of the sound. I walked down slowly, with my flashlight at hand, and I saw it. It was an old wedge of cheese. I almost ate it until it said “No! Don’t!” I was freaked out, but then it explained. It’s name was Chedder and he had been living in our basement since the beginning of time. He likes to play games, like checkers and tag, and has helped me get some dirt on Charm. We’ve been spying on her, but their hasn’t been any major news yet. Just that her favorite color is purple, and that she has a picture with a frame painted green and black. Well, back to the drawing board I guess. Freezy, what is it now? What do you want? Pai… Pai! What are you saying? Well, looks like I’ll be busy. Bye! and Happy New Year! Pai nu yar!


Well, it’s another new year. I have been watching tv for the past 3 days so happy that Shred got us one. But we have “tv time” and have to share. No fair! It’s Charm’s tv time right now, and her and Freezy are watching Blue’s Clues. Who cares? I wanna see that Mine Shack Minors Vs. Iceburg Breakers game! It was supposed to be really good! Grrr…… Freezy has been saying pain, and she’s really weird. She just looks around, and plays with her puffle ball. That’s a lame ball. One day, I’m just going to go over and pop it. That’ll show her. Shred and Charm have been talking and said maybe when she’s older, Freezy should get her own diary! N-O SPELLS NO! She’ll be stealing the spotlight from me! Well, the “tv time” is almost up, so I’m going to run. Bye all!


Woah! Sorry I haven’t updated lately! Well, it’s out. I have a blankie. But it’s my favorite blank- wait what am I saying? It’s stupid, forget it. Well, me and Cheddar were playing checkers today, and we found this hole in the corner of the igloo (which is odd, because igloos don’t have corners!) We went through it and… Well, to find out what happens next, you will have to read the new story coming out in the Library tomorrow! It’s really good! Cheddar wrote it after we went through the adventure. Well, Freezy is kinda learning, and we found out that when she says Pain, she means my name! So, I’m Pain. Ugh. Well, ever since I ruined Charm’s secret, she hasn’t left her puffle house. Gotta run. Bye!


Well, I’m going on a date. I wasn’t sure not to, but I did. I’m going out with a cute puffle named Sunflower, who’s Funguin’s yellow puffle. We’re double dating with Charm and Teddy. Well, that’s that. Anyway, have you guys seen this yellow puffle in the Costume Trunk?


He’s awesome! Super Puffle almost! I think I might write about him! But where would I put the story? Hmmmmm……. I got it! The Library! All right! Well, gotta run! Bye!


Well, Charm’s gone off to the day spa to look pretty for the date tomorrow. I’m just going to relax and act natural. Well, there’s been a somewhat delay on my new story. I’m sorry for that. Working on a good back story for Theodore has been hard, but it will turn out good. Me and Charm are also doing back stories on ourselves, saying how we were adopted and all. Well, I’m going to go watch tv. See ya!


Sorry I haven’t updated recently! Boy, was that date fun! I really like Sunflower. Shred had out this stupid book called “Puffles Through the Teenage Years”, and had it bookmarked at the romance section. I’m looking through it. It’s kinda boring…OMG!!!!!! It says, “Puffles do mate for life when at the age of 15 puffle years! OMG! Me and Charm are 15! We’re going to marry Teddy and Sunflower!?! OMG!!!!! I need to tell Charm! Cya!


I HATE SHRED!!!!! He’s said I can never see Sunflower again, because “we’re too young to fall in love”. GRRRR!!!!! We’re not too young! I swear, I should run away or something… Look: I love Sunflower. She loves me. You can’t control love. They can’t stop us! NEVER!!!


Yes I return. Hey everyone. It’s really cold in the North Pole. Or wherever I am. Brrrrrr! Me and Sunflower have been having a good time. We met locals (here it’s more like Club Seal!) and there was this big polar bear lurking around saying his brother went missing. Hmmm… maybe the PSA and PSSS should investigate! Anyway, there’s a PIE PARLOR! Awesome right? I ordered a Puffle O and seaweed pizza, which tasted delicious. Anyway, we expect to be back in about a month, so no worrying guys. Me and Sunflower are together and will never be stopped! Cya guys!


I’m writing from the hotel room. It snowed over night, so we’re stuck in the hotel today. I think Sunflower is watching tv… Well, we’ll be back by February 8 at the least! Then, I can get started back on Puffle Palace! I also can’t wait to meet my new brother! TickTock is nice, I talked to him through PIM. Well, gotta run!


Well, we finally saw the Beacon! We’ll be home by next week tops! Buddy’s been quiet lately. He’s getting his own page too! It’ll be great! Check the pictures page for pictures of my little “son”. Well, Sun’s yelling about how Elmo’s on, so I gotta go watch. Cya!


It’s Super Bowl Weekend! Woo Hoo! Ok, Shred told me about the Super Bowl back a few years ago, and now I’m hooked on football. There’s a Club Penguin Super Bowl tomorrow too, but earlier. Two big football games! Yeah! Ok, let’s take bets.

Paints Guesses:

Super Bowl XLII: NY Giants

Club Penguin Super Bowl III: Cave Trotters

Well, we’ll see! Shred wants Giants too, so I hope they win! I will be home with Sunflower by Monday! See ya then!


YESSS!!!!!! The Giants won! WOOT! Well, the Trotters didn’t win though…and TickTock won our pool! He won $50 bucks from me! The Starfish were the worst team in the league, only getting in by a wild card! Grrrr…. Well, I’m finally home! It’s been a great journey! I have many stories to tell you, one will be posted later today! Look out for “Paints’ Discovery”. It’s worth your time! See ya!


It’s all right, fan girls.  Paints has returned! For 20 days straight, I’ve been busy with Puffle Palace. But I finally can post! If I don’t post often, don’t get worried; it’ll all be worth it! I’ll update you on how the PP is going. Will has successfully been cloned, and now we have rainbow puffles for the PP! Yay! Well, I gotta go! Check out Flamer’s Iggy when it opens!




1. funguin - January 12, 2008

Um, Sunflower take it from here:
Sunflower, uhh, well…ummmm, i dunno what u think but ummmmm…..
Voilet: What she is trying 2 say is:
You Her Coffee Shop Date
Paints: Um….. sure I guess. This Friday? My sister’s going out, so maybe we could double date. See ya.

2. puppyscruffy - January 24, 2008


3. Kitten - January 24, 2008

*giggles* Hi Paints. Um *giggles*, um you look nice. *giggles*. Um..I was wondering.Well, first of all my name is Kitten. *puts paw over mouth and giggles again* I’ma blue puffle and um….Hi…..I was wondeing-
*blushes feriously* Er-er-er-er-er *blushes again* I, um-
Danny stop!!!! Great, now Paints will never like me!!!!! *runs back hurridly to Puppyscruffy’s igloo, clearly embarrassed”
*snickers* See, Paint, she likes you. Anyways, I’m a yellow puffle, and my sis, Kitten, a blue puffle, LIKES you!

Paints: I know, I’m all great and that, but I’m going out with Sunflower. *Shred buts in* Shred: Not anymore! *Paints pies Shred* Paints: Sorry Kitten. We can be friends.

4. puppyscruffy - January 25, 2008

It’s ok, Paints, I understand. Just friends, ok.

5. puppyscruffy - January 25, 2008

Oops, sorry, I forget to change the name! Darn! I’ll do another one

6. Kitten - January 25, 2008

It’s ok paints i understand. just friends. ok

7. tails6000 - February 19, 2008

um paints my puffles want to tell u something
the just want to tell u that they were on the wii and said hey we should invite shreddudes puffles they would think
that they woul be fine with u around he can introduce u and i can introduce mine we will have lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!! together oh fireball has to say somthing

fireball:i so like all of u and freezy u r so cute!!!!!!!!!

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