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Charm’s Diary


Well, hi. My name is Charm. I’m a female green puffle.I like to skip rope, do girly things, and dance. I was the last adopted puffle, and live with three brothers. Ugh. My brothers are ok,I guess, but annoying and icky. My friend, Rainbow, told me that boys had cooties. I got sooo worried! So, I just stayed in my puffle house all day. Finally, I noticed they didn’t seem so mean. So, when they were playing a game of tag, I went over to say hi. Well, my new red puffle brother, Flamer, and my black puffle brother, Caged, said hell. That o but nothing more. But, my yellow puffle brother, Paints, just got all mad, saying I was disturbing the game, and told me to go away. I said no, and told him I wanted . Then d to play. Well, I finally got to play tag, but Paints got mad, and just went to his puffle house and watched something called “ESPN.” He was mumbling something about wanting a bigger tv. I don’t know what ESPN is, but I like to watch Barney. He loves me, and he’s my real friend (next to Shred and Rainbow). Well, now Paints and I hate each other, but I hear that’s normal for siblings. Well, I’m off to read my newest book. It’s pretty good. It’s called, The Unicorn Club. It’s about when these girl puffles find a unicorn and keep it. I love it!!!!!


Well, I’m sitting here, very upset. I know you probably all read on the news page that when we get 150 hits, I will reveal a secret on Paints. His deepest, darkest secret! You won’t believe it! But… later that night, he put an editors comment on it saying he has a secret on me too, and will reveal it at 150 hits. What is he talking about? Has he uncovered my biggest secret? *gulp* If anyone found that out….well, it would be horrible. He’s probably just bluffing. I think. What do you think? Well, today I finally watched ESPN. It’s a sports show. It has stuff on stupid things, like basketball and soccer and football, and all that junky boy stuff. I like to watch Barney. I love when he sings, and he makes clean up time fun! But next to Barney, I like Blue’s Clues. It’s so fun! Today’s episode was on colors. I learned that if you mix green and yellow, you get blue! And I found all the clues! *does happy dance* Well, if you’ve read Paints newest journal entry, you’d know that he owes me a princess throne. He nearly stole 5,000 coins from different penguins! He’s a mini-devil, I swear! Now I don’t have The Unicorn Club, as the chapter Paints posted was the last one I had to read. Grrrrr…….He makes me sooo mad! I’ll get a new book soon. Well, I’m off! Me and Rainbow are going to do each other’s hair! Bye!


Happy New Years Eve! Did I mention I have a new baby sister? Well, I have a new baby sister! Her name is Freezy! Freezy like to play with this new ball she got and she can’t even talk yet, though she’s been trying to sound out words. Like she says Char for Charm, Flam for Flamer, Cage for Caged, and … well, she hasn’t said anything for Paints yet. She makes this p sound, but when she says it, it sounds like she wants pie. Oh, and she loves pie! One time, she ate a piece, and cherry pie got all over her face! Shred got her last night, to welcome her into our home for the new year. She is adorable! Freezy,s coming by! Freezy, wanna talk. She’s nodding yes, so Freezy will take over! Hi….Char…..pai…..fhgyisfm…..tyuioc…..Cage! ……Flamey….ghytrddh…pai…pai…pain….pain…Pain….*cries* Pain! Well, Freezy isn’t liking this, so she’s gotta go! Bye all! Happy New Year!


Wow oh wow. It’s 2008! Woo! Last night, we stayed to watch the ball drop from the Town! It was awesome! It came down, and confetti came out! We saw Sunshine and Flames in the Coffee Shop when it dropped, and they were kissing! Well, hope you all a happy new year. Well, Shred finally bought a tv. Paints still hasn’t left the couch. He’s not posting today, because he’s watching some guy jump a huge ramp over the Pet Shop or something. But, we all have a tv time, so mine is in about ten minutes. I’m going to watch Barney, and Freezy likes that show too, so she’ll watch it with me. Freezy got really upset yesterday, and she was saying, Pain! Pain! You don’t think she could be hurt, do you? I hope not, because Shred just adopted her. Oh, and Paints says he’s deleting the tv petition page since we got one. But, my tv time’s nearly here, so I’m going to stop writing. Bye!


Woah! I haven’t updated in a while. Sorry all! Well, I found a new book series to read called Jamie and the Large Olive. It’s pretty good! Check out a review of it on IceTube! (Yes, IceTube. Me and Paints took over IceTube for the month). Well, life here’s been the same. Except now Chedder, Paints’ cheese, comes up and plays. He likes Go Fish now. I’m kinda afraid of him…Well, almost 150 views! Yes! Oops, I gotta run! Bye!


Yay!!!!!!!! I’m going out on a date! YEAH!!! *does happy dance* I asked Teddy, and he said yes! Teddy said yes! *blushes* Thanks Ice! She’s Funguin’s blue puffle who helped me out when I was nervous! Paints might go out on a date himself! Funugin’s yellow puffle Sunflower asked him out kinda on his journal. He doesn’t know yet. It would be sooo cute if we double dated! Well, I gotta run! Bye!!!


Well, it’s a double date! Sunflower and Paints are going out with me and Teddy! It will be great! I think anyway….. Anyway, it’s the eve of the date, and I’m nervous! What if I look stupid? What if I look ugly? AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I need to be pampered and beautified! *runs off to day spa*


Well, tonight’s the date! I look beautiful- and I can’t believe my luck! The Coffee Shop changed for the Fiesta party and now they serve coffee and nachos! Teddy LOVES nachos! Yes! This is perfect!!!!!! I’ll post this weekend saying how it went! Ciao!


Well, the date was good. Shred took me and Paints, along with Sunflower. We got there, and Teddy was there, eying the nachos with Ratty, who was also eying the nachos. Teddy looked cute with a bow tie and his hair combed. I was looking beautiful; I was wearing the best makeup I ever wore and put on a perfume called “Le Puffle”. Sunflower wore a cute red bow in her hair and had on lipstick. Paints combed his hair back. Finally, our owners left. Well, we just sat around for awhile, until I asked if we should go get something to eat. So we got up. Teddy got nachos, I got some fruit, Paints got a coffee, and Sunflower got some apples. We all went to sit down. We ate, and we talked a little. Finally, we decided to party. So we got up and danced the tango. Teddy wasn’t a great dancer, but I told him I’d help him. He said okay, and I taught him to dance the tango. After he got better, I looked over at Sunflower and Paints. I expected them to be dancing, but they weren’t. They weren’t anywhere to be found. Me and Teddy looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find them. Finally ,we went up to the Book Room. We didn’t see anything, until I went to the orange couch were Shred does his show sometimes. I saw some yellow fur. I also found a fallen red bow. Well, I went behind the couch. And I saw Paints and Sunflower. And they were kissing!!!!! KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! I was soo happy for them! Paints saw me and said shut up and pushed me out of the couch. Teddy was there and caught me. He asked what was going on . I told him Paints was in love! He looked worried. Then HE kissed ME! OMG! It was great! I liked it. It’s weird to explain… But it was nice. Suddenly, Shred showed up! I had to push Teddy away before he saw! We all were hiding behind the couch. Finally, we popped up! Shred thought we were playing, so he said “Cute puffles!” and then he took us all home. Phew! So, me and Paints both got our first kiss! I loved that date!!!!<333333 Bye!


OMG!!!! Paints and Sunflower both ran away! OMG where are they????? Look out for them!!!!!!


Well, we found them. Out of anger, Paints and Sunflower ran away. And boy, they can run fast. They made it to the NORTH POLE OF CLUB PENGUIN! Shred says we’re in the South Pole- I’m bad at this stuff. I like writing better. Anyway, they are back “together” and will be back in less than a month. I think Shred lifted Paints diary ban, so he’ll post while down there. Well, I gotta go finish this week’s issue of The Puffle Gazette. Cya!


Well, The Puffle Gazette will be released tonight! Keep an eye out for it! I have another date with Teddy this week! Yay!I guess he likes me! I guess we’re going out! Awesome right? Yeah. Well, I have to say a big Welcome to Freezy and TickTock! Freezy, my very little blue puffle sister, just got her diary, and TickTock, my new brother, who is orange and pink, got his journal and developer’s blog last night. They are awesome so be nice to them!!! Well, cya!


Well, I finished the news! It took forever without Paints…luckily, I have TickTock! He’s efficient! Sigh, I’m bored… Without Paints, I have no one to bother, I just sit in my princess throne…ttyl ppl!


Me and Teddy went on a date. I’ll tell you all bout it later. Anywho, I made a very long list of puffle relationships. Lemme show you

Teddy and Charm

Paints and Sunflower

Ashes (Rattybor) and Violet

Ashes (Funguin) and Lemon (?)

Lime and Layla (?)

Freezy and Mint

Luna and Fire (?)

Cinnamon and Icis (?)

That’s it! Cya!


I can’t wait for Paints to come home! I miss him, Sunflower, and I really would like to meet Buddy! I’ll puffle-sit him everyday! He looks sooo cute! Anyway, I gotta run! Vote 4 Shred in TPOA! I’m goona be late for Magic Lessons with Peach, so I gotta run! Bye!


I am back from my vacation at Hawaii! It was so fun. The plane ride was really long and the food there was bad. I am afraid of heights so I was kind of scared. I read a book about ponies to pass the time. Once I got there they lost my bags! I never saw my bags again. The next morning I went to the beach. It was so beautiful. Then I was building sand castles for a long time until it was time for lunch !the best part of the vacation happened. I had pink donuts! They were delicious. Even though it was a good vacation I was happy to come back to Shred.


Tonight was a very strange night. I had to babysit Paints’ and Sunflower’s son Buddy. He was really quiet when he first came in. Sunflower was dropping him off and once she left something happened to Buddy. He changed from blue to red. Then he started jumping up and down and bouncing out of control. I tried to stop him but he was to strong. He ate all the pie in the fridge which was saved for Funguin and Shred! Then I gave up and watched a quiet movie about fairies. Then I feel asleep. When I woke up Buddy was gone. I saw the window open. Then I looked everywhere in Club Penguin for him. I looked all night until it was 5 minutes until Sunflower was going to pick him up. Then when I came to my igloo and sat on the couch I heard Buddy say “Owwie!”. I found him! He was light blue this time. I asked him where he was and he said “I wuzz watchn da fare movee!”Apparently he was hiding under the couch. Then Sunflower came and asked how he behaved. I said he was … very good.


YAY!!!! Teddy asked me for another date and I am getting ready right now. He even sent me flowers. They were roses. So romantic! We have come a long way! If you thought Teddy and I have a great relationship you should check my brother Paints and his wife! He married Sunflower who is Funguins puffle. Anyway, don’t you think it is romantic for Teddy to take me on a date on Valentines day? I am so lucky to have a great guy like him.


I am tired. I tried to stay up watching the pony TV show. It was on late last night so I got no sleep. I was hoping I could do something fun but snowing outside and there is supposed to be a snow storm soon! The traffic is terrible I can see outside the window. I am also sad and happy. I am sad because Shred was eliminated and happy he got 3rd place. Good job Funguin! Well I guess it is back to reading my new book called The Happy Unicorn And The Rainbow Land. It is a very good book.


Well, I hate the piano. Shred’s making me learn piano for a musical instrument, and I hate it!!! I mean, he says “Press chord D” and I have no idea where chord D is!!!!! And I have no fingers!!!!!! How can I press the chords???? Grrr….. TickTock is playing the flute, Paints is learning guitar, Freezy is learning drums, and Buddy is learning to sing (he’s really good!!!) I’m the only puffle who can’t play music 😦 Well, time to watch the pony tv show! Bye!!!



1. Kitten - January 25, 2008

Charm, Charm! I need your help. You know, it’s a girl to girl thing. Well, um, er….How should I put this.

LET’S GET RID OF SUNFLOWER!!!! You know, capture her, pretend we’re bandits…dress up in black…then kidnap her….
Here are my reasons:
1. I like Paints.
2. I don’t wanted to JUST be friends with him.
3. I bet I’m a WAY better kisser than her (I took lessons)
4. Blue is better than pink.
5. I’m prettier than HER. A have dark blue fur and a babyblue patch of ur on the top of my head.
Er…What’s the number than comes after 6. Paints desrves better than Strawbery.

Oh yeah, and DON’T tell Paints…Or Shred. Or anyone else.
Charm: Woah. Hold on! Sunflower is yellow ,and is my friend! I’m not getting rid of her! And besides, Paints and Sunflower are missing!

2. Kitten - January 25, 2008

Well, Sunflower might not be pink….But still, blue is better than any color!

3. kitten - January 25, 2008

Oh….Sorry….Lol. Well…………………At least that solves my sunflower probl-I mean, I’ll go save you Paints!

4. kitten - January 25, 2008

I’ll go search for clues……Maybe…

Don’t worry Paints! I’ll save you from, er, that, “Sunflower” puffle!

5. kitten - January 25, 2008

Well, ok, never mind. I guess Paints is happy with Sunflower. If he’s happy, I’m happy. Lol. I bet they are hiding together. Oh, and Charm, want to be friends? We can watch Barney together!

Charm: Sure!

6. kitten - January 25, 2008

I know! I bet Paints and Sunflower ran away with each other to a perfect tropical paradice in Hawii!Or…Acually, they might just be in another penguin’s igloo, watching a love show together on a plasma screen tv. where do you think they are?

7. Sunflower - January 26, 2008

Hi Kitten! At first I was reading ur comments and was thinking u r NOT nice at all (maybe even thought u were mean), but after a while well, i think ur ok. Wanna b friends? And its SO awesome that there is a computer at the hotel Paints and I r staying!

8. Rattybor - January 27, 2008

Hi its Teddy!
Charm, Do u wanna go out for lunch next thursday at noon CP standerd time? Over at the pizza parlour? Did I mention that Ratty told me that new types of pizzas were there? Like Nacho and Fruit Pizza? Well if you agree then we’ll meet on the server Tuxedo, Hope you can make it! bye!,


Charm: Hi Teddy. Well, I’ve heard from a friend that they kick puffles out of the Pizza Parlor! She told me to stay away from there. Um….. How bout you could hang at my igloo on Thursday? Sound good?

9. Rattybor - January 27, 2008

Hm thats odd, Me and Ratty once went to the PP and wernt kicked out, but yh ur igloo sounds grate! cya there!

Charm: Well, ya, but that’s because you were with Ratty. Puffles just by themselves get thrown out (they treat us like rats lol) Can’t wait for Thursday!

10. Rattybor - January 28, 2008

OH YEAH!!! THATS WHY! I cant wait either 😉


11. Rattybor - January 28, 2008

Hey Its Luna,
Charm, I was wondering,Did u no how old all of us were?
Teddy is about 12,im 13, Peach is 12 also and Ashes is 14.
Lol I just wanted u to no, How old r u,Paints,Freezy,and all ur brothers?

Charm: Hi Luna! I’m 13, Paints is 15, Flamer’s 17, Freezy’s 5, Caged is…(I don’t really know! He doesn’t talk much!) and TickTock is 12. (In puffle years of course!)

12. Rattybor - January 29, 2008

ITs Luna,
Teddy turns 13 on feb 28 (Sooo close to 29 lol) and I got 2 new baby sister twins who mite like to play with freezy,lol anyways bye!

Charm: Cool! Well ,my birthday’s on May 22. Freezy’s is on January 12, Caged is…(again, he doesn’t talk much, so I got no clue! lol) Flamer’s is July 15, and Paints is September 16. Also, the twin’s are so cute! Freezy’s mad cuz she thinks we like the babies better then her and she ran away to our neighbors (lol) and she’s staying the night. Well, still ,they’re so cute!

Freezy: Im nt stayn da nite! I liv her nw! Ull se Charmy! Im cutr then those babeys!

13. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

…Ooook????????????????????????? Freezy dont feel like that actuelly my twinz r sorta jelous also lol.

Charm: No, its jus everyone’s fussing over them, so she’s kinda sad. She likes them! She doesn’t like the attention they’re getting!

14. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Well uh, Thats sorta classified as jeloous lol, They’re Jealous cuz she can rite alredy,
Nellie: Woo promwised gbhngfd hgfd tell!
Lol They’re Getting better at english….
Sophie: Hmpf! hgf Raddy Iy wand Pi!

Freezy: i sry Nele and Sophe. u are cul. cann wee stl be frindz? o, an ur inglsh is grat! il tech u how 2 rite, iff u wantt!

15. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Nellie: Freezy, cwourse wea fwieands gtfr
Sophie: ya jhgfd hav som pi 2moro at owr igggyyy?

Freezy: Um…if dat ment we r frends and wana hav pi tomrw @ ur iglo, sur! cya tomor! O, an il brng da whippy crem!

16. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

I guess thats what it meant… lol

Freezy: I du 2!

17. Rattybor - January 31, 2008

Hey charm its teddy I liked the date 2day lol remember we were on pause mode for a little since ratty and shred actuelly logged off? lol then we did somin secret to get them back *laughs evilly like ashes does sometimes* lol

Charm: You mean Paints and Peach did something to get back at them right? *wink*

18. Rattybor - January 31, 2008

Oh yeah what we did was we were eaten pie from rattys cupboard… but only the lemon pie which she hates , then mysteriously paints and peach wern’t there… It was really weird we couldent find them anywhere!

19. Rattybor - February 14, 2008

Hi its Teddy, New date? Same time as last time at the lounge? Find 4 and hot cocoa? Cya!

-Da Tedsta-

20. Rattybor - February 16, 2008

Charmy, I loved the date!!! Did you like the Chocoltes? Well anyways…. I would love to have another with you at the restrant La Pufflitano, Hmm…. Tommorow night? 10 AM CP time? On Ratty’s meebo also since on CP not everything shows up, I’ll pay for the food ok? Bye! I ♥ u!


P.S. I heard that La Pufflitano is one of the most famous restraunts in CP for puffles!!! When I heard that I really wanted to take you there, I really hope you like it, I reserved a table there, If you cant make it they said that I can change it to another night, Thnx! Bye!

21. Ratty - February 25, 2008

Teddy: Awww charm I know piano! should I help u???

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