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Freezy’s Diary


Wel, helo. My namee iz Frezy. I’m 5 in pufle yers. I’m very litle. I’m blu. Todae, I got a nu ball! It is lik my oldd 1, butt it iz gud. Wel, I ned 2 go tak a nap. Ugh. I hat napz. Byee!!!!


Am I stl cut? Raddy adoptd nu babey pufflz and evry1s fussn ovr dem. I wanna yel, I’m her! Hmmm…..I stl tak napz! I stl drnk milky! I almst cann use da big grl poty! Y am i 4gotn? 😦 … well, im insde cuz itz ranin. I hat rain. Hat it!!!!! So, im gona stp. srry. bye ppl!


Wel, tody i went 4 a wlk with Shd. He tok Paintz nu pett Budy. Butt….he got Budy a toy butt nt mee!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! i ran awy yesrtdy, becuz Shd likd the nu twinz betr tn me. Butt, he luvd me mor. soo, I cam bak. I srry Nele and Sophe. Cann wee stl be freinds? i hop soo. by!


Today, Shd tld me bout Grond Hoggies Day. It soudd stopd 2 mee. Wat do grond hoggies no bout wethr? Pengns r werd. Shd tld mee alzo dat he waz in the pengn oskr awrds, so plz vot 4 himm ppl. Bye!


Wel, I went two skol four da frst tim dis week. It was oak, i gues. Ms. Puffleton iz rely nic. We plyd blokz, tok a napp (witch i hatd) sang a soong, andd i got two ply wid da twinz! i am lik a rull modl four them. Budy haz two strt skol tomorw. Skol? Noo!!! Mama!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat a babey. Byebi!



1. Rattybor - January 29, 2008

Freezy, Ill put on my new twin puffles, do u still no baby talk? lol cuz they dont reli no so good english, they’re 4 almost 5! Their names r Sophie and Nellie,Here they r:

Sophie: fdsbvc….fweezi….gdsyasbnm…pi?
Nellie: O… gfdfg…lik…pi!
Sophie: hbgfd… tfr… tym.. bi!

Charm: Awwww….soo cute!

Freezy: Charmy, ths iz my pag! Plz lev. Um….I kinda spek babey tlk, so lemme try. Uh…nop! I cant gett itt! Sry Sophe and Nele. I lik ur nams tho!!! Can wee bee frindz? Il ad tht pg.

Charm: Freezy’s over Funguin’s…long story! Anyway, will they be able to write when they turn 5? Freezy’s 5 in puffle years, and she can write pretty good!

2. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Yh I think they shud be able to… Here’s they’re responce freezy…
Soph and Nell: Wes!

Freezy: ok an i fond a buk on babey tlk, so lemme me ti too tlk 2 them! Uh……jkgfcjhfyghsgtepi? bi!

3. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

hgfdfghjhfd. Bi!

Freezy: Uh…..fjhgjflnbvjfhugsd5?

4. puppyscruffy - January 30, 2008

awwwwwwww freezys cute

Freezy: Tank yu!

5. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

hzgtfr…Ywa wea dednant stwop bein friands

Freezy: k, datz gud! cya tomor 4 pi!

6. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

Nele, herz myyy respnc: fdhgjidfhguifgyuyrey

7. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

Oh, that was Freezy above ^

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