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TickTock’s Journal


Hello! I’m TickTock! I’m an orange and pink puffle. I was adopted through the program Puffle Creator! I’ll tell all about that in a story… Anyway, I’m the technical guy around here. I love gadgets and gizmos and all sorts of stuff! I will help, along with my brothers and sisters, to make sure we get everything here great! I attend Puffle School, since I’m only 12 in puffle years. Yes, I’m the second youngest. I also, besides keeping this journal, write in the developer’s blog! Shred posts there too and so do the others…Did I mention I love being in a big family? I was born an only child, so I love having brothers and sisters! Well, I guess I should start to talk about my life. Today, I went for my first walk. Penguins were looking at me like I was from Mars or something 😀 I may be different a little, but still… I began to worry, so I told Shred. Did I mention I speak English as well as Pufflish? I’m pretty smart, my teacher says. Anyway, he told me it was because I was a new species. Well, I was still worried. I almost cried. People were pointing and taking pictures, like I was a freak show. Finally, Shred told them to go to Lime and Lemon’s site if they wanted an orange and pink puffle. They all left. I was relived! Shred then took me to the Pet Shop and got me a special treat. It was a puffle ball! It was a really cool ball, looking all high-tech and stuff. I was happy. I also talked with the puffles. They said that it was about time the orange and pink puffle was found! I made friends with a purple puffle named Will. We played with my ball, checked this site, and blew bubbles! It was awesome! He said I could come whenever I wanted. I finally found a use for my teleporter! Did I mention that? Wow. I have a lot to tell you!


Sorry I haven’t been writing lately! I’ve been busy with the Puffle Palace! It takes a long time to discover, and then make items, and…well, I’ve been busy. I went over to the Pet Shop to talk with Will yesterday. He didn’t look to happy. I tried to cheer him up, but it didn’t work. I asked him what was wrong. He told me there was a penguin who came in with a tiara and a green sweatshirt who walked in. She was eating pizza and came up to Will. She was kinda weird he thought, but she kept looking at him. She didn’t have any money on her. She might have wanted to adopt Will. She was with a very charming pink puffle. He didn’t want to be adopted by this penguin; he wanted a better penguin. She finally left, and said something Will didn’t understand. I wouldn’t let my best buddy get adopted. So…I took Paints’s paint kit and painted Will green. Maybe the penguin will think Will got adopted. Who knows? Oh, check out the new developer’s blog! It’s in the news page, so check it out! There’s an exclusive sneak peek at Puffle Palace, so you can see it! Bye!


Again today that penguin came to see Will! She didn’t notice him, so she looked around. Then she saw Will (now painted green) and looked at him alot! Now I had to paint Will another color over the green! Will’s a yellow puffle now! Ugh, it’s a thankless job. As long as my buddy’s safe!


Well, today I fell in love. Basketball! It is the best sport ever!!!!!!! I learned how to dribble, shoot, block, and foul! It is my favorite sport. Well, today the penguin came back in! And she started to look at the yellow Will puffle! Grrr….I painted him again. Now he’s blue. What is it with this penguin? Can’t she just be happy with her pink puffle? Well, I gotta run! Bye!


Sorry! I was on vaca and it was great! I finally got out of the cold snow and I saw sand for the first time! It was awesome! And Buddy…well, he was afraid of the sand. He stayed with Sun the whole time. It must be hard being a mother…I’ll ask her later. Anyway, the funniest part was when Paints had to watch Buddy for an hour. It was just me and him and I was reading, and suddenly, Buddy started screaming! “Mama! Mama!” he was yelling, and Paints tried to clam him down. Finally, he found Buddy’s pacifier and put it in his mouth. It seemed to work. Buddy’s been odd too…he’s been changing color! Weird huh? I looked up color changing puffles on the web, and it says baby puffles usually change color until 8-9 months. That’s only a few more months until Buddy’s age! By March, we’ll know his true color. Maybe he’s orange and pink too. It’d be nice to have another puffle… Anyway, Will’s been painting himself since I left because that puffle’s been coming!Finally, about Friday, she left. She hasn’t come back since. I told him it’s probably safe to wash off. So, I hosed him down. And he was the colors of the rainbow! I couldn’t get the paint out, so Will’s now a rainbow puffle! It’s cool! Cya!

(I’ll update this post in color later, all I could find was a black pen-ugh!)


Well, Buddy has shown his true color. It’s…purple. Wow. So much drama and he just stayed the same color. Well, I got in a fight at school this week. Sky, this big blue puffle, walked up to me and asked for some money. I said no (this loon wasn’t goona get money out of me!) and he grabbed me by the fur and almost pounded me and Paints! Luckily, Flamer saved us in the end. It’s all in Flamer’s page on Shred’s site. Also, Flamer’s new book is coming out soon! Yay! Well, we also found a use for Will! He’s being cloned and a rainbow puffle will be used for Puffle Palace! Cool, huh? Well, cya!

Ok, well, forget pink; I’m writing in orange baby! Yeah! Anyway, I’m going out on a date! Yeppers! Me and Pinkie, Funguin’s puffle (isn’t it weird…she’s popular and I’m…well…) are going to the Coffee Shop on Saturday. Well, Will’s being cloned right now!It’s awesome! Dude...I’m burning! *cloner explodes* Uh oh…back to the drawing board!



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