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How I Was Adopted By Charm

Well, my life began I guess as average as any other puffle’s. You know about the egg thing, so I’ll skip that. I was a very cute green puffle, and very likable. My daddy was never around, so it was only my lovely mommy with me. I had a best friend in Puffle Preschool named Lucky. I always played with her, and we always liked each other. Then one day, it happened. Me and Lucky were walking through the Forest, skipping rope, when suddenly, a puffle carrying a net showed up. We’d all had “the talk”; if you see a penguin carrying a net, you run away. I began to run, but before I knew it, I was trapped in the net. I was soooo scared. I didn’t know what to do! I finally got sleep deprived and passed out. When I awoke, I saw a pink puffle named Rose. She was one of my best friends! We played all day! There was also Teddy……*blushes* I didn’t really talk to him much. There was this purple puffle too, but he didn’t talk much. He was kinda weird. But, he was nice. Then, one day, I realized where I was. There was this big sign outside when I was going for my daily walk with the owner. “Pee….pe…t……pet….so…….p?” I had said. No! It read “Pet Shop!” Oh dear! I would be adopted! I cried. I missed my mommy, and I wanted to go back to school and pretend this didn’t ever happen. Rose came up and asked what was wrong. I told her I wished I was never taken to here, and I missed my mommy. She said “But…you’ll get adopted! Don’t you want to have a nice owner?” I just sobbed. While I was crying, a penguin walked in. His name was shrddud? I never graduated Puffle Preschool, so I don’t know how to read. He walked over to the case, and looked over. “Hmmmmm……. that’s a nice pink puffle,” he said, looking at Rose. She smiled at him, and I just cried harder. I was homesick and about to lose my best friend. “Hello,” he said, coming down to eye level with me. “What’s wrong?” I began to tell this penguin Shred that I was homesick and wanted my mommy, but he couldn’t understand pufflish. “Well, I’ll make your day.” He walked over to the front counter, said something to the clerk, and pointed at me. Oh no! I thought. I was going to be adopted! Noooooo! I pleaded and began to cry. Rose said bye and Shred walked toward me. And then…he picked me up, and gently rocked me back and forth. I felt…..safe. I began to give him a hug and purred. I never purred; you only do that if you really like a person. He said, “Let’s go home Charm.” I finally got what I wanted; a daddy who loved me. THE END!



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