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The Unicorn Club, Chapter 6

This is a chapter from Charm’s stupid book called The Unicorn Club. Read it, then laugh at its stupidness.

Chapter 6: Cloudless Sunday

Betsy looked out her window. The unicorn stayed put tied to the tool shed. “Sigh,” Betsy said. “It’s such a cloudless Sunday. I should go get the other girls and show them my unicorn!” So Betsy ran to her friend’s houses and they all came to her house.

“Oh my!” Heart said, going over to give the cute little unicorn a hug. “You are so lucky Betsy!” said Jamie, looking in awe at the beautiful majestic horse. “You know what we should do now that Betsy has a unicorn?” asked Amy. “Dance party!” yelled all the girls, and party they did. They all danced every kind of dance, from the Tango to the Chicken Dance, all having fun by doing so.

“You know what?” said all the girls. “We’re so lucky to have Betsy as a friend!” And they remained friends forever, and awaited the next day, when surprises with the unicorn would await them. And from then on, those girls were known as the Unicorn Club.

Hey Paints, have you seen my book? I wanted to read the next chapter – Rainbow said it’s really good! Uh…… Paints! You took my book! Give it back! Well ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the stupidest book in the history of history. Thank you for reading. Just wait Paints. I’ll get you for this! Sure! I’m serious!




1. jshushij - December 29, 2007

nice page

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3. assasinub - February 17, 2008

lol lol lol

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