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Freezy’s First Steps

Freezy was playing in Shred’s igloo one day. She was still a little baby; she was amazed by how the igloo was made completely out of snow! Wow! she thought! After looking out the window to see the regular penguins playing baseball, she went to play with her beach ball. She loved that beach ball. It was her best friend. No one really understood baby. Not even her brothers. So, it was like she could talk to the ball. She kicked up a few times, and tried to bounce it on her head. It didn’t work. Ah well, she thought. Maybe tomorrow. Suddenly, Shred came rushing in saying something Freezy didn’t understand. It sounded like “RUGGAAAA!!!!!” Freezy thought for a minute. She didn’t know anything about Ruga. Hmmm….she would have to go to the library. She put on her leash, crawled over to her owner, and tried to get Shred to take her. He said something, and took off her leash. He put her down, and Freezy knew what was going on; it was her nap time. She began to wonder about everything, from Ruga to the snow to her ball. She finally fell asleep. After two hours, she was awaken by the sound of someone knocking upon the door. Shred yelled something, and Paints came running over. It was a girl penguin; Freezy couldn’t read her name, but she thought it read Funny. She brought a yellow puffle over, and her and Paints went to his puffle house. Freezy knew this was Sunflower. She didn’t know why she came over alot, but she was nice. Finally, Freezy got up and began to crawl toward her ball. Right as she got there, she saw a handsome green puffle. she knew he wasn’t that much older than him; maybe a year or three. Freezy had never seen this puffle before. He was very cute, thought Freezy. He looked at her. He couldn’t come over because of his leash. Freezy would come over, but she knew crawling over would take to long. She had never tried walking before. She knew she may never see this puffle again! So Freezy got up, and began to try to walk over to the green puffle. She was walking soon, almost waddling like a nervous penguin. Shred noticed her and began to pick her up and dance around the house, saying something Freezy didn’t understand. Freezy knew her chance was finished. She would never see this puffle again. But then Shred did the oddest thing ever. He put her down. Shred said something Freezy again didn’t understand, and began to take her toward the green puffle. He said something Freezy didn’t understand. That penguin Funny noticed Freezy didn’t understand Shred, so she told Shred something. Shred somehow got a chalkboard and began to draw the scene for Freezy. He drew her. He drew the green puffle. He drew them playing. OH! It was a play date! Shred said something, and Freezy understood one word of it. Mint. “Mint,” she said, as if in awe. Mint spoke finally, and only Freezy understood him. “I think you’re cute,” he had said. Freezy’s heart jumped. She said, “I think you’re cute too.” They were great friends. Freezy liked Mint. And Mint liked Freezy. But two baby puffles can’t date! Unless, they act like they don’t. Freezy thought of the plan. He would come over often, and they would hang out in Freezy’s puffle house. He said okay, and Funny said something to Shred. Fire said bye and Freezy said bye. Then, she went to do her spying. Freezy went toward Paints’s puffle house, where him and Sunflower were. There was no real window; just a little crack in the bottom. Freezy tried to squeeze through. And she managed. She looked around. The tv was on; some show was on. Freezy saw it was two puffles who were on a soap opera. Paints and Sunflower were snuggling together on Paints’s couch. Freezy saw chips and soda too. She took notes, and then she squeezed out again. Freezy set up her puffle house for the next day. Funny the penguin arrived again. This time, Sunflower showed up again. So did Mint. Freezy told him to follow him to her puffle house. She opened the door. In there was a blue sofa with a green blanket, baby food with bottled milk, and on the television was Elmo’s World. She told Mint to take a seat, and he did. They watched Elmo up until the middle, when the ABC’s were on. Freezy and Mint had forgotten about nap time; they were sound asleep. Funny and Shred finally knocked on their door wondering what was happening. Shred opened the door, and found them sound asleep. “Awww….,” Funguin said. “Their first date.”




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