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How I Was Adopted By Paints

Well, I was created one day. The whole egg thing-ew. You know it, so I’m not going to go over it. I had an older brother named Banana, and he was my best friend. We would always play pranks, annoy this one nerdy kid named Van Goah, and I think we even once caused a natural disaster. Point in case, we had fun. Then one day, while attending Puffle School, we heard the principle come on over the loudspeaker and say “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! PENGUIN AT 5:00 O CLOCK!” We did as we were told , epically since yellow puffles were recently discovered on Club Penguin, and everyone wanted one. Well, as I began to run out, the penguin cornered me. In one hand, he held a cage and in the other, a net. I tried to run through his feet, but I was trapped solidly. He caught me, and I was scared. On the way to wherever I was headed, I saw Banana. I thought he might help, but he just ran away, making sure he didn’t get caught. Some brother. Finally, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I was surrounded by all different colored puffles. There was this pink one named Rose, and she helped me. I had no clue where I was. It seemed like heaven. Finally, I read a sign on the wall. It said, “Pee Soup?” No, it said “Pop Sock?” No! It read, “Pet Shop.” Pet Shop? Wait, did this mean I was a pet? I am not a slave to penguins! I am a free person! But I realized, I would be adopted soon because of the yellow puffle frenzy. But maybe, if I stayed hidden, I might not get adopted! This would be the answer to my prayers! So, using my painting skills, I painted myself purple. No one really cared for me. I just stayed low until people decided yellow puffles were the same as all the other puffles. One day, I saw Banana being taken into the glass cage I was in. He seemed upset. “Hello,” he said in a sad voice. “Have you seen a yellow puffle named Paints anywhere? “No,” I responded. “I haven’t” I was still angry at him for ditching me before. “Oh,” he said glumly. “He’s probably already been adopted. You see, he was my brother. He was kidnapped back about a week or two ago. I could have saved him, but I ran away. That was the worst decision I ever made in my life,” he said, getting teary eyed. “If I only could have told him I was sorry and I loved him so much. But, my chance will never get to come true…” I could tell, this came from his heart. “I’m sure he forgives you,” I responded. And, before you could even say Rockhopper’s rockets, a young female penguin came in wanting a boyfriend for her girl yellow puffle and adopted Banana. I never saw him again. I’m sure he’s happy with his girlfriend somewhere on the island. Finally, around after Christmas, the craze stopped, and I took off the purple paint. I thought, finally I could talk with Rose. I was beginning to like her alot. But, before I knew it, a newish looking penguin came in named Shreddude87. He looked around the glass case, looking for the perfect puffle to adopt. He was with another puffle named Flamer. He hoped in and said hello to some old friends, and even blushed when he saw this pink puffle named Pinks. Flamer and I became friends right off the bat. While Shred was looking at new leashes and pet food, we played games. He taught me how to launch myself out of a cannon! More terror I can cause!, I thought. This was a cool puffle! “Come on Flamer!,” said Shred. “I need to get back to post a new news story on the site!” But Flamer wouldn’t move. “Flamer come on!,” Shred had said, now tugging on Flamer’s leash, trying to get him to go. But he growled. He wouldn’t budge. Shred finally had to come over. “Flamer, what’s up buddy? Don’t you wanna go surfing? Or do something fun? I need to get going…” Shred finally looked at me, and I looked at him. “Flamer, who’s this?” Flamer, said in pufflish, “This is my new friend. I’m not leaving. I like him.” “Huh?,” said Shred, confused. “Oh, he’s your friend?” We nodded. “Oh,” said Shred, thinking. “Well, would you like him as a brother?” We nodded so fast! “Ok, I’ll adopt him!” Yay! So, Shred told the penguin at the counter he wanted me, and I was on my way home to my new life! Soon afterwards, I got a huge family, and a journal! It was gold. One day, while reviewing comments on the site, I saw a post from a person named BananaFanana. He had said “Good job bro. I always knew you’d amount to something big.” And, that’s how I got where I am. The End!



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