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Paints’ Discovery

“Woah, it’s dark in here,” Paints said, worried. As the cave became deeper and deeper, the more he wished he didn’t split up with Sunflower. Sunflower and Paints had been told by the seals that there may be a ship somewhere in the cave which they could use to ride in back to Club Penguin. Sunflower had thought splitting up would be the best idea, so they could cover more ground. But Paints had decided now it wasn’t the best idea after all. Now scared, he was running through the cave, sweating a storm. He rested for one moment, and then he heard it. “Googaa!” What was that? Paints thought. He began to run,. nervous. “Where’s the dang ship?” Paints said angry. He just wished his one love, Sunflower, was safe. He finally reached the end of the cave. There was no ship; just rocks. “Dang…nothing special,” Paints said, and began to turn around. “Googaa!” Suddenly, Paints heard the same noise. It was much louder, and it was coming from the dead end. Then, out behind a rock, appeared the cutest purple puffle Paints had ever seen.It’s blue eyes glistened as it began to walk over to Paints, shocked. “Goo?” “Awww….hi little buddy! What’s your name?” Paints asked. The baby puffle just nodded its head no. “You don’t know? “Well, I’ll name you,” Paints responded. “Um….Theodore?” The purple puffle stuck it’s tongue out at Paints as to say no. “Patrick? Tom? Jake?” Paints asked. The puffle’s responses were all the same. “Ah, come on buddy! Hey…how about that? Buddy?” Paints asked. The puffle thought it over and over. He finally nodded yes. “Alright Buddy. Would you like to live with me and my girl?” Buddy’s head nodded. “Alright, follow me!” Paints and Buddy began to walk out of the cave, when he heard a sound. “Paints! I found it!” Paints knew this voice; it was Sunflower, his true love. “Paints! I found it,” Sunflower said, finally meeting up with Paints. “The ship’s around here.” “Ok, I’ll follow you,” Paints said. “So, did you find anything?” Sunflower asked. “Yep,” Paints said. “I found something great.” The End.



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