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Chapter 1

Theodore Puffle had always been normal and had never been bad. He always got straight A’s, he did community service, and he always was kind to nice people. Theodore Puffle had never expected a life of fighting, violence, and powers. But, he was going to get one anyway.

“Mom, I’m going out!” Theodore had said. “The new movie is showing at the Stage! It’s about space!” “Ok dear!” Theodore’s mother had replied, busy with housework. “You do that!” Theodore began his walk from his house in the Forest to the Stage, a new Club Penguin building that had the Arts. Their newest play, Space Adventure, had everyone excited and dressing up as robots and aliens and what not.

Theodore had been intrigued by things that involved science fiction because of the improbability that it featured. Who could actually fly a space craft and land on a large, scary monster? No one, thought Theodore. It’s impossible. The theater had a very good spot to sit and see everything, but Theodore, being a yellow puffle, didn’t want himself to be seen. So he hid in the balcony, and only came out to see the show. Some might have seen him, but he thought to forget it. He had caused messes like this before he figured.


Theodore had one night wanted to see the stars. Mars was having an eclipse that lasted only one week and didn’t happen for another thousand years. It was around Halloween, when penguins were out trick or treating. He knew of the dangers and he had to be careful. After getting to a bush in the Forest, just a few minutes from his home, he began to take out his telescope, look through, and he saw a red-

“Oh my gosh! A yellow puffle! They exist! They exist!” yelled out an excited purple puffle, wearing a black hoodie and a tiara.Theodore looked around, and everyone seemed to be noticing him. He quickly got down and ran home. He had revealed one of the grandest secret in Club Penguin history, and all other yellow puffles wouldn’t like that.

Way to go, he thought to himself. He did try again other nights, but the same thing happened. He didn’t even get to see the eclipse. Finally beaten, Theodore stopped checking for the eclipse.


The play was half way done now, and Theodore decided that he should go home and see the rest another day. He began to walk home, but on the way, a penguin with a camera named Gregory had seen him. “Gosh, I better take a picture!” he said. He quickly snapped a picture of Theodore, leaving spots all over the puffle’s eyes. He could barely see where he was going.

He accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in the HQ somehow. There, G, who had known about yellow puffles through a mission, was creating a new concoction of green and yellow mud that bubbled. “Hmmmm……” said G. “It’s still to dangerous. I better make sure no one uses it.” G was going to put it in his case labeled “DANGEROUS”, but a machine went off, and G went to check on it.

Theodore, very confused and blinded, knocked into the table. The potion suddenly fell, landing all over Theodore. Yummy! thought Theodore. He then left the HQ, now being able to see somehow, and returned home.

“Hi mom!” Theodore said, feeling better than ever. “How are you?” “Theodore, where have you been?” his mother scowled.” The play ended an hour ago. I was nervous.” “I was fine mom. I kinda got sidetracked.”

“Was it your glasses? I would buy you a brand new pair if we had the money…”

“No mom. I’m fine. Thanks.”

“Well, alright.”

Theodore had dinner and then went to bed. The whole night, he had an odd dream of flying and of destroying a beast, and other things that seemed odd. How silly, though Theodore in his dream. It’s impossible.



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