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Prologue *Read First*

Trees were rustling through the Forest; a nervous mother to be ran toward a tree stump. She was afraid; she would be giving birth to her baby at any time. Her husband had just died, leaving the boy fatherless. She knew this boy had a great destiny. She just wanted him to make it through.

She finally got to the tree stump. Late through the night, she gave birth to not one, but two baby boys. Twins! thought the woman. How wonderful! One was smiling from ear to ear. The other looked like he was still taking in this world, wondering where in the world he was. She named the smiling one Theodore. The other she named Franklyn. “How wonderful!” she said. She decided to make her home here, and she built a marvelous hut.

Theodore was the cute little baby. A young yellow puffle, he was still learning about the world he seemed so curious about. One day, he was going outside, and he saw the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The stars. He spent the whole night camping outside and watching the stars, looking like little diamonds. His mother knew he would be the one that would fulfill the prophecy.

There was another boy though. Franklyn didn’t seem as interested about the world. He just kept to himself and worked alone. He was the second born twin, the “runt” of the litter. He didn’t like that. He wanted to be top dog, not a baby. Knowing that this wouldn’t work, he painted himself blue with his artistic abilities, and left the hut forever.

Franklyn lived with the blue puffles for his childhood, learning about bouncing on balls, and going to school. His mother, worried sick, kept Theodore close to her at all times. She loved her son and would keep him safe. He would be the one; he would save them all, she knew it.

And that is where this story begins.



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