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And Rose Makes Eight

It was a peaceful day in Shred’s igloo. The puffles were playing tug of war, Shred was chugging cheese balls down his throat, and the sun was shining. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” all the puffles answered excitedly. Paints was in the lead, running just inches above Flamer. Buddy was in third, TickTock forth, Charm fifth, and little Freezy, who couldn’t run that fast, was last. Caged stayed in his puffle house, annoyed. But it was Shred who got to the door first, and there it was. “Look! Someone left us a lunch basket! Let’s eat,” shouted Shred, excitedly. All the puffles were starving; Shred knew they loved food. But when Paints ran ahead, grabbed the basket, and pulled back the cloth, the hunger went away. “What the?” Paints began, and he was exactly right. In the basket was no lunch, but a baby pink puffle, wearing a diaper, and sucking on a pacifier.

“Well, hello there,” Shred said. “What a cute puffle. Where are your parents?” The pink puffle said nothing, but just moved around in the basket, wanting to get out. Charm saw a note attached to the puffle’s diaper. She took it out, and handed it to shred. “Oh, thanks sweetie,” Shred said. He began to read, “Dear penguin, this is our puffle’s child. We tried to get this puffle’s mommy fixed before this happened, but it was too late. She needs a good home, and we cannot keep her. We hope you can keep her, but if not, please put her in the orphanage. Her name is Rose, she likes her pacifier and enjoys drinking juice. Take care of her well.” All the puffles stared at the baby, who was almost crying trying to get out, but was soothed by the pacifier.

“Well, I have to find her a home,” Shred said. “But…but…,” Charm began. She loved this puffle, and she was upset being one of two girls our of a family of seven puffles. Freezy and Buddy were playing with Rose, still stuck in the basket, seeming to like this puffle. Rose said nothing but sucked on her pacifier. “Well, I’m sorry Charm,” Shred began, “but if we get any more puffles, we might as well start a puffle hotel! I’m looking now.” And with that, Shred got on his mining hat, flashlight, and adoption papers, and went off.

“Well, let’s put the stupid baby away,” said Paints. “After all, we have seven puffles here. Eight would be too much. We’ll give her to someone. “Meanie,” Charm said loudly. “She’s just a cute little innocent baby puffle! How can we get rid of her?” “Like this,” Paints said, and chucked the basket out of the igloo. But, when Charm ran out to get it, she found Rose was no longer in there. “Guys, the baby’s missing,” Charm yelled worried. “What?” all her siblings said. Then, suddenly, TickTock screamed, and pointed to the wall, where Rose was, flying.

“Woah,” Paints exclaimed. “She’s…flying!” Charm thought. How could this pink puffle be flying? Is she a superhero? That would be cool…. “Wait-where’d she go?” Flamer asked. Charm looked up; Rose disappeared. Paints then saw her by his puffle house. She was sucking on her pacifier very hard. Every time she sucked, Paints’ puffle house changed colors. “No! Not a pink puffle house,” Paints exclaimed. He quickly got the puffle and began to head toward the door.

“No! She’s a baby,” Charm said, running after her brother. “So?” Paints responded. “She’s a magical freak; only weird puffles can do magic. Like Peach.” “Peachy,” Buddy said lovingly, and began to drool. “What if someone got rid of Buddy?” Charm asked. “I’d kill them,” Paints said passionately. “He’s my son.”

“Exactly,” Charm responded, finally thinking she was getting somewhere. “I feel the same with Rose. She’s…different, but so are we! I love her with all my heart. Please don’t get rid of her” Paints looked at Charm and smiled. “Ok,” Paints said. Charm screamed and began to dance. She grabbed hold of Rose and held her tight. My baby, thought Charm.

Just then, Shred walked through the door. “Well ,we have not takers,” Shred said. “I guess we have no choice but to…keep her.” “YAY,” all of the puffles exclaimed. All of them wanted to hold Rose, but she wouldn’t leave Charm. Mommy, Charm heard. “Did anyone hear that?” Charm asked. “I heard Buddy fart,” Freezy said, holding her nose. Buddy giggled and smiled a devious smile. Charm looked back down at Rose, her baby, and Rose smiled through her pacifier. Mommy.




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