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TickTock’s Tale

TickTock ran through the Forest, onto the top of a waterfall. What a wonderful life! he thought, listening to the sound of the water. TickTock had to be careful; one false move, and he would be seen. Orange and pink puffles could never be seen. He pulled out his laptop and began typing. Suddenly ,a website popped up. “I wish I could meet Paints and Charm! They must be so cool!” TickTock was on the homepage of The Puffle Diaries, reading Charm’s newest diary post. He loved these puffles; their humor never ended. He wanted to be a blogging puffle too. But, he knew the risk. If anyone found out about the orange and pink puffles, he’d be in trouble. So, for the meanwhile, he enjoyed this site. One day, while walking through the forest, he heard the sound of thumps. Thump thump thump. Oh no! What if this was a penguin? He began to hide. Out of the blue came a little green puffle wearing a big adventurer’s hat. “Nothing here Lemon!” the puffle shouted. He began to walk closer to the tree where TickTock hid. “Wait…,” the puffle said, and he finally saw TickTock. “Hello? My name’s Lime. Who are you?” “Um….I’m TickTock,” TickTock said, a worried look in his eyes. “I’ve never seen a green puffle up on the island.” “Oh ,well, I’m here to get some puffles. Would you like to have a nice owner?” responded Lime, curious. TickTock didn’t know how to respond. “Well, actually, no one can know bout us puffles…” TickTock began, but it was too late. “It’s quite alright,” Lime responded. “You’ll be accepted.” TickTock was scared; he never got to say goodbye to his mother. His father had always been busy, doing work, and TickTock hadn’t seen him for eight years. He was beginning to worry.




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