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Well, we never update anymore! Now we’re back! The school dance is coming up, and guess who we’re going with? Really, guess! It might be around here…or different sites…so guess! First four people who do get a free pie!







Well, guess!



Paints is back, and the puffles do what they do best: party! To celebrate their brother returning, the puffles will be taking a break from their site! They will return to posting on February 11, 2008. Celebrate too in the return of the ok great puffle Paints!




First off, Happy Groundhogs Day! Second, we have over 2,000 hits! I want to say on behalf of all of us thanks for viewing our site! Keep checking back for a lot of cool stuff! Cya!




Charm here! Check back later today for a big announcement!!!! On this post!!!! Cya!


Ok all, well….Paint’s adopted a new pet puffle Buddy! Yay! Buddy can’t write since he’s only 7 months old! But, he will get his own special section where you get to see his puffle igloo! He’ll update it from time to time, so just wait and see!

Also, this site is going under a construction. We will add and delete and move and create and write and dance and do lots of other stuff! Please don’t say something like this:

“Charm! OMG Where’s your header??? I miss it!”

That means we’re working on it! Be ready!

Oh and the twins left, so they’re journals will be deleted! Yay!



Well, here it is! A little late, but the 2nd issue of The Puffle Gazette!



Charm edits: Well, our cousin’s came over to meet TickTock, so they want diaries. We don’t know if they’re perament, but they will get them. Shred will get mad if they don’t. They are two baby twin boys named Snowy and Icicle (blue puffles). They bicker and cry nonstop. They’re little devils. I hope we can delete them soon. Enjoy!(?)



It has been decided! Freezy will have a place here on this blog as a journalist! Freezy will start writing her diary tomorrow! Good to have you here Freezy!




Hello everyone! I’m TickTock! Shred adopted me through Puffle Creator at Lime and Lemon’s puffle site! I’m new, and will keep a journal too! ( Well, not a journal, more like a developer’s blog or something…) I’m very good at computers and stuff, so I’ll be kinda like a technical guy. I can’t wait to get to know you! Here’s my own little biography I was given when I was adopted (kinda like a birth certificate…)

Click It!

And Charm told me to post this for a new header.





Should Freezy have a diary? Well, she can write now…kinda. But she spells things wrong. I think it would be good! Paints, edit this news post and tell me what ya think! The page is password protected, so we can delete it if it’s a bad idea. Also, what do YOU think? Comment and tell us! We wanna know!


Paints: Um….no! She’s just a baby! She can’t write that good! I don’t like that idea. It’ll ruin the site.

Freezy: Paint, I can rite! C? I rite gud. Whad doo u thnk peopl? Shold I hav a dary? I wood like won. Paint and Charm hav won. I wanna bee justt lik dem whn i gro up. So? Wat’s de anser?




Rest easy people of Earth! lol We found Paints and Sunflower! They are in the North Pole (CP’s in the South Pole) and will be back in a month. Thanks!



Has anyone seen Paints??? I haven’t…. He was supposed to work on the Puffle Palace today, and he’s not here…




Before the Paints fan girls get angry at him for not posting, I will tell you the story. I have banned Paints from writing in his journal. He has been rude and mean to me and Funguin’s decision to not allow our puffles to date. I’m sorry, but it’s staying at that.




We’ve gotten spots on Shred’s site! Yippee! To celebrate, we’ve made a brand new header! It’s kinda like my daddy’s…But I’m sure he won’t mind! Here it is:







Here’s a question that might be on alot of people’s minds; what’s the Puffle Palace??? Well, we have the answer!

What is the Puffle Palace?

  • The Puffle Palace is a work from Shreddude87, his puffles, and is supposed to give you the ability to be a puffle and do what a puffle does. You will be able to design your own puffle, which we will make, go into Club Puffle, buy things, make friends, and other cool features!
When will the Puffle Palace be completed?
  • Don’t expect it to be done this week. From the ideas of Paints and Charm, it will be done by mid-February. It may be delayed, but it will be worth the wait. There will be no betas. Everyone will get to explore the Puffle Palace at the same time. All pages will be password protected until released, and there will be alot of pages.
How will it work?
  • All will be explained in due time. Right now, we think you will be able to design your own puffle, with your own special features, kinda like a Pixel Penguin, and will be able to explore an online world called Club Puffle. This isn’t as “high tech” as Club Penguin, so don’t think you’ll be able to walk around and click on things. You can win prizes though. There will be a game page where you can win tickets and trade them in on the Ticket Booth for cool prizes, such as a Pie Launcher, or a hoodie. There will be a chat page, where you can talk to your heart’s content. Some people just like to comment, and we understand that aspect. You can attend Puffle School and get report cards. Good report cards=more tickets. Before you pick your puffle, you might want to take a peek at puffles. So, you can view aspects of puffles, and some inside details on them that we bet you never knew. There will be alot to do in the Puffle Palace, so don’t worry. It will be fun.
Well, we hope you can take this as a great new feature to the site, and we can’t wait for the Palace to open!
-Paints & Charm




Sorry for the lack of updates on our journals recently! We’ve been very busy working on things around the site, such as moving our diaries to sub pages, and lots of space has been added. Every thing’s still here, but easier to navigate. Also, we will begin to blog more, just don’t expect a diary post every day. Thanks!





Here’s the first of our weekly newsletters! We call it, The Puffle Gazette! Me and Paints will try to make one at least once every two weeks.


We need you to make our newsletter, so be sure to help! Email us at rockhoppertrackerteam@gmail.com to send comics, jokes, feedback, and all other stuff!




1. jshushij - December 29, 2007

cool we only have 22 hits so this may take awhile…

2. saunt - January 6, 2008

well actually theres 137 from the last time i came to this webbsite

3. saunt - January 6, 2008

we now have 152 hits

4. Rattybor - January 7, 2008

Teddy: Charm Likes me? :O ……………….

5. Rattybor - January 7, 2008

Ashes: Well u sleep with a Teddy Bear, U call him Fruity!!
Ashes: ‘Rolleyes’

Paints: Shut up guys! I love my blankie!

6. jshushij - January 11, 2008

dude you have over 260 hits when are you going to reveal their secrets?

7. jshushij - January 11, 2008

nvm nice job updating

P.S. when are you going to update http://www.shreddude87.wordpress.com

Paints: idk, ask Shred. This is his puffles site!

8. puppyscruffy - January 24, 2008


9. funguin - January 24, 2008

It’s Voilet speaking:

Charm: OMG! Where are those two???

10. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Charm, Teddy liks you,
Luna llikes ****, funguins puffle (Luna edited it)
Ashes Likes Violet,
And I dunno who peach likes lol

Charm: Can I take a guess? Is it Fire or Mint? Mint is “dating” Freezy, so it must be Fire! Yes!

11. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Luna: 🙄

Freezy: Minty iz min! Sty awy!

12. Rattybor - January 31, 2008

Luna:Errrr ook freezy……………….

Freezy: How olld r u? Minty iz 7, so i tnk hez 2 yng 4 u…

13. Rattybor - February 3, 2008

yh i heard tht….

14. puppyscruffy - February 6, 2008

lol paints crossed off ok and put great

15. Ratty - February 26, 2008

Ticktock: Correct
Flamer: Incorrect
Freezy: Good guess, but Incorrect
Caged: Incorrect

Charm: Good try Ratty! Sadly ,you win no puffle pie. 😦

16. Ratty - February 26, 2008

Flamer: Correct

17. Ratty - March 2, 2008

Freezy: Mint?

18. Funguin - March 2, 2008

Charm: Teddy

Paints: Sunflower

TickTock: Pinkie

Flamer: Ice

Freezy: Mint

Caged: uh, um idk!

19. Uguu - March 19, 2008

Charm: dur of course!!!
Paints: yep
Ticktock: yeppers!
Flamer: nope!
Freezy: nope!
Caged: nope!

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