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Well, it’s time to reveal our secrets on each other! Thanks for viewing the site so often! Keep checking back! All right, here’s the dirt on Paints.

 *Paints has a blankie!!! 

I’m serious! He sleeps with it every night, and he carries it around the house. It was supposed to stay inside his house, but the secret got out…….  Well, Paints isn’t here, so there’s no secret on me I gues- *Paints opens door, comes in* Hey Blankie! Shut up! I got some dirt on you! No you don’t! Yep I do! Anyone know Rattybor? I know her. So? Well, she has puffles who keep diaries too. So? *starts to sweat* Well……

 *Charm has a crush on Rattybor’s green puffle Teddy!*

*Gasp!* No I don’t! Admit it! You keep going on his page, and when I visited  Ashes that day, you were staring at him! You’re in love! Paints, I hate you! Well, thanks for reading folks! This has been the secret chat! Bye! Grrr…… I HATE YOU!!!



I’m so happy! And I’m feeling sick, so just say the stupid announcement! Ok!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Freezy, our new baby sister!


Isn’t she adorable??? Yeah, she’s great. Now I’m going to go watch ESPN in my puffle house. But wait Paints! Shred’s said, until she gets a house of her own, she’s using yours! WHAT???!!!??? Yeah, you are crashing on the couch. Grrr………. I AM SO ANGRY! I NEVER WANTED A BABY SISTER!


Look at this I found at the Dance Club! I wish they did arrest Paints!



Hey guys! This is Charm, Shred’s green puffle. I found out some dirt on my brother, Paints. He’s been annoying me for awhile, and stealing my book was the last straw. So, I went looking around, and found out a huge, big, juicy secret on Paints! Wanna know it? Well, I’ll tell you… when our site gets 150 hits! Please visit and tell your friends, so they can know the most embarrassing thing on Paints too!



Oh yeah Charm? Well, I’m sure I can find a juicy secret on you too! And I’ll tell everyone your deepest darkest secret when we 150 hits! Two can play at this game!




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