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Here’s a gallery of my puffles!

*Notes added by Charm and Paints*

Here’s me with my brother, Paints. I only smiled because I knew a camera was on me.

This is the stupid princess throne I got because I owed Charm. I love it! But I still hate you Paints.

Me and my puffle brothers!


That’s my new baby sister Freezy! Freezy, wanna say something to the people? gfgdfjdfhhgfhfudhfdpfdkjfdfdfdfdfjdhfueruwhydxgbvnbnhr7e4y374yj2 She’s just a baby, so she can’t type! Awww….. she’s adorable!


Here is my puffle family. There’s Freezy, and Paints, and Flamer, and Caged, and me!


This is our owner, Shreddude87.


I looked into the Fortress of Doom! Ahhh! My eyes burn! Too many girly things! Oh shut up!


Here’s our whole family!


Here’s my pet, Buddy. (Well, since I’m a puffle, he’s kinda like a son. lol)


Buddy’s amazed by tv. (He’s never seen it before-he said to me Pain! Peoppe stk in thr! lol!)


Buddy sang a little! It went like this-“glubrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ribbettttttt hjkertttttttt o- then he saw me and Sunflower take this picture, and he stopped.


Here’s our puffle houses, water, food, running wheel (which Freezy almost broke today…) ect!


Shred’s making me learn piano…ugh

More to come!



1. lavaster - January 5, 2008


2. jshushij - January 11, 2008


3. penelopedog - January 24, 2008

lol!! cool!

4. puppyscruffy - January 24, 2008

lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your idea!

5. sandystar45 - February 2, 2008

I had a couple of puffle when i was a member but all the member ones left cause their from my membership whitch ended but my blue puffle called Hooper’s son stayed. i named him that ’cause he was the son of my old blue puffle that died. ( his name was Hooper.) i named him that cause i was name thoughtless. so i named hooper hooper and then he died like a year later so i got one and named it hooper’s son, so ya i only have 1 puffle left! 😦

Charm: Shred told me puffles stay even after membership! Does that mean I’ll disappear after Shred loses his membership????

6. Snow949 - February 2, 2008

They stay even though i membership ended! When mine ended lime stayed! (Lemon wasnt adopted yet!)

Charm: Ok, thank God. Thanks Snow. That makes me feel better.

7. Snow - February 19, 2008


8. coalman1 - March 12, 2008

so cute!

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