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Conversation saved by Charmer223 on January 31, 2008 at 1:21 PM PST

Charmer223 has entered the chat

Charmer223: Anyone here? Hello?

Ticker569: I’m here sis!

Charmer223: cool! So, I hope Paints is ok!

Ticker569: I think he’s on…I’ll put him in the chat.

Charmer223: cool! Thanks TickTock, you rock!

YellowFury916 has entered the chat

YellowFury916: Hello?

Charmer223: Paints! You’re ok! *does happy dance!*

YellowFury916: yea, just snowed in. It blows. Sunflower’s watching tv. I think Elmo…

Ticker569: OMG so am i!

YellowFury916: … So, how are ya bro?

Ticker569: not bad…oh wait hold on guys…I think Flamer and Caged are coming in.

Trapped4ever008 has entered the chat

flamedude54 has entered the chat

Trapped4ever008: woah…too many ppl!

Trapped4ever008 has left the chat

flamedude54: hey guys! sup?

YellowFury916: im good..me and Sunflower are still in the hotel. it stinks

flamedude54: well, at least youre safe

Charmer223: does Freezy have a PIM?

Ticker569: i don’t think so…she’s sleeping anyway

Charmer223: oh…i think Teddy’s on. I’ll invite him~

Nachoer228 has entered the chat

Nachoer228: hi charm

Charmer223: hi tedders

flamedude54: hi teddy

YellowFury916: ugh….look, I gotta go. Cya!

YellowFury916 has left the chat

Sun213 has entered the chat

Sun213: hello? anyone here?

Charmer223: Sun! You’re ok!

Sun213: yea, Elmo was over, and Paints just got off, so I thought hey…

Ticker569: today’s episode was good I thought

Sun213: oh! You saw it TickTock?

Ticker569: dur! I loved the sing along part!

Charmer223: im sure Freezy has some PIM…I should look at her laptop! brb

flamedude54: hurry back sis!

Sun213: I got a pet! It’s a purple puffle named Buddy! He’s only 7 months old!

Nachoer228: awesome! wait-aren’t we pets too?

flamedude54: i rather think of us as “companions”

Sun213: i like that title better too

Charmer223: well, Freezy has a PIM! But… shes away. I found it out though!

flamedude54: really? What is it?

Charmer223: IcMltd56547689

Ticker569: … well, whos on her buddy list?

Charmer223: mintrulz, nele87905, and fjhgjflj 98

Sun213: im guessing the last one is Sophie?

Charmer223: id guess so…

IcMltd56547689 has entered the chat

IcMltd56547689: helo? wo iz her?

Sun213: hi freezy!

IcMltd56547689: hi sunny how r u?

mintrulz has entered the chat

mintrulz: hi people

Nachoer228: hey mint

IcMltd56547689: hai minty *blushes*

mintrulz: hi freezy

Ticker569: has anyone seen the new blog post? oops! I gotta go! bye!

Ticker569 has left the chat

IcMltd56547689: godda runn! bi!

IcMeltd56547689 has left the chat

flamedude54: bye all!

flamedude54 has left the chat

Charmer223: bye!!! bye Teddy!

Charmer223 has left the chat

Nachoer228: … why did they all just leave?

mintrulz: i dont reli know… AHHH! FUNGUIN’s coming!

mintrulz has left the chat

Nachoer228: oh, that reminds me, I still need to go attack Newsies. Bye!

Nachoer228 has left the chat

Sun213: only little ol’ me left…sigh

Sun213 has left the chat



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