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Conversation saved by flamedude54 on February 24, 2008 at 6:37 AM PST

flamedude54 has entered the chat

flamedude54: hello all! Supp?

mintrulz: hi flamer…im good. you?

flamedude54: great…where is everyone?

mintrulz: well, i just got home from school, freezys takin a nap, so the others are probably still at school.

flamedude54: o

Charmer223 has entered the chat

Charmer223: hey everyone! Its FRIDAY! WOOT! NO SCHOOL!!!!!!

flamedude54: hey sis…yay! its only me and mint here right now…

Charmer223: o…hey, did u guys hear whats happening on PIM?

mintrulz: what?

Charmer223: well, on lime and lemon’s chat, a mysterious chat figure with no name keeps coming and going. weird right?

has entered the chat

flamedude54: omg…who is that?

Ashes890 has entered the chat

Ashes890: hey all charm i 4got our math homework, could u…omg!

Charmer223: omg im scared!!!!!!!!!!!


mintrulz: ahhh! mysterious thingey!

mintrulz has left the chat

has left the chat

Charmer223: ok, that was scary!

Icecold234 has entered the chat

Charmer223: hi ice!

Icecold234: hi charm can you sleepover tonight?

Charmer223: sure! i’ll come now if thats ok!

Icecold234: ok!

Icecold234 has left the chat

Charmer223 has left the chat

Ashes890: hey flamer…can i talk to you?

flamedude54: uh i think thats the point of PIM dude

Ashes890: its kinda a personal topic uh….my friend likes this girl…

flamedude54: oo ill try to help your friend, but im not good with romance stuff

Ashes890: he likes this really pretty yellow puffle, and he’s not sure what to do…

flamedude54: uh… id say be yourself around her. g2g bye!

flamedude54 has left the chat

Ashes890 has left the chat



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