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Conversation saved by Charmer223 on March 2, 2008 at 10:16 AM PST

Beautifulpuff72 has entered the chat

Beautifulpuff72: Hello peoples!

flamedude54: hi icis how r u?

Beautifulpuff72: *sigh* i’ve had better hair days..

flamedude54: ok…

nele87905 has entered the chat

nele87905: hai guyz!

Beautifulpuff72: ewww….baby talk! i have slobber all over me! ew!

Beautifulpuff72 has left the chat

ashes75 has entered the chat

ashes75: I really need to get a new name…one that doesn’t get me mixed up with Funguin’s puffle

flamedude54: hi ashes…supp man?

ashes75: well, ratty’s just eating tons of nachos, so im in my iggy

nele87905: ashey, jus try won nachoo ull lik it!

ashes75: nellie, i don’t like nachos! i never will!

Charmer223 has entered the chat

Charmer223: hey everyone! Flamer, i need to talk with you in a private PIM chat

flamedude54: uh…ok should we just stay here and talk seperatly?

Charmer223: yea we’ll brb

Charmer223 and flamedude54 have created a private chat

Ticker569 has entered the chat

Ticker569: woah..tons of ppl! howdy!

nele87905: helo tickytok howw r u?

Ticker569: im good nellie…just practicing dancing

ashes75: cool wait did u say dancing???

Ticker569: yea…the school dance is coming up and me and pinkie want to win!

ashes75: pinkie??? you got pinkie to go to the dance with you????

Ticker569: yep! oops…she wants to practice more! cya!

Ticker569 has left the chat

ashes75: wait…the prize is 700 puffle coins for winning the dance contest! I have to tell violet and we’ll win!

ashes75 has left the chat

flamedude54 and Charmer223 have returned to the chat

nele87905: wat hapnd?

Charmer223: flamer’s coming to our site now!

flamedude54: it’s awesome! i need to pack! bye!

flamedude54 has left the chat

nele87905: oh no! raddy iz eatn my specl nacoss! byez!

nele87905 has left the chat

Charmer223: oops! time to write in my journal!

Charmer223 has left the chat



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